Hi Everyone,

I’m Chelsea Moore and I am running to be Your Union President 2013/14!! Kent Union has significantly shaped my university experience, being my employer as well as the organising body for all my activities and interests. With my close interaction and knowledge of the Union, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to apply my enthusiasm and dedication in order to improve your student experiences and our University.  Kent Union is a £11m organisation and has over 19,664 members, 85% of which rated their Union as either good or very good in the Annual Satisfaction Survey. Although this seems like the majority of students are involved in their Union, there are still a staggering amount of students who have no idea about the opportunities which the Union can offer! As president, I would like to enhance the network between the full time officers and the students within the Union as YOU, the students, ARE the Union. Therefore, it’s down to you and your vote to decide what changes your Union makes, what they spend our budgets on and what our priorities are.

In my three years within the Union I have been:

  •  Welcome Week Team Leader in 2011 and 2012
  •  Eliot Student Committee Member 2010-2013
  •  Eliot Student Committee Welfare Officer 2012
  •  Your Union Zone Chair 2012/13
  •  Union Council Member 2012/13
  •  Achieved 2 KSCV Gold Certificates; logging over 300 Volunteering Hours

If Elected I will ensure:

MOORE from your lectures! I would lobby the University to record all lectures so that our information is easily accessible for our exam periods and revision. 

MOORE night busses! Working closely with Stagecoach I would aim to organise more night buses around Canterbury ensuring a reliable service as well as an affordable and safe journey home. 

v  MOORE rewards!  I would introduce loyalty cards for all Kent Union outlets. For example, if you enter Venue 6 times then on your 7th visit you can choose between free entrance or queue jump! Similar systems would apply in Essentials, Woodys, Library Café and Rutherford Bar enabling the students to receive direct benefits from their input to the Union.

MOORE parking! I would lobby the University for more parking on Campus as there is a high demand for non-permit holders such as visitors and off campus students.

MOORE from your Library! I would ensure that the library closing hours increase to at least 1am all year around. A service which numerous other Universities enjoy, providing a late night working environment for mid-term deadlines as opposed to just end of year exam periods.

MOORE social space! Research highlighted that students feel there is a lack of social areas on campus where they are not prompted to spend money. I would lobby the University for more communal areas on campus for people to relax and socialise in comfort.

MOORE promotions and discounts! Kent Union would introduce an App where promotions are available for all students, sent out directly to your smartphone or computer! Offers for Valentine’s Day, Easter and Christmas would all be readily available at just the click of a button.

Furthermore, Essentials provides masses of waste on a daily basis, reductions need to made sooner and be cheaper again using social networking to promote these sales. 

MOORE for employees! There are 426 Kent Union student employees many of whom feel unrewarded for the job they do. Employee discount cards would be distributed so all employees gain the recognition they deserve! Taxis home from work after midnight is a necessity which would demonstrate the caring nature which the Union should have for its members.

v  MOORE cash points! I would lobby the University to have more cash points situated around campus. There are 19,664 students within the Union including 4,000 students living on campus ,yet this year there has only been 5 cash points on University grounds one of which does not work!

v  MOORE from your medical centre! There have been numerous complaints about the medical centre operating a Triage Appointment System. You should be able to phone (without being on hold for hours) and book an appointment in advance, without having to worry about being the first to call in at 9am and missing your other plans for the day.

MOORE advice! The advice services on campus are a great opportunity to get free and confidential advice, yet many do not take advantage of the service. I would work alongside the centre in order to raise awareness and encourage their services.

MOORE for sports/societies! It is necessary to buy a gym membership in some sports team for circuits, even if you do not wish to use it any other time. Society spaces are limited and room bookings is a lengthy process. I would work alongside the VP Sports and VP Activities to make sure this is no longer an issue.

MOORE printer credits! All faculties require you to print either essays, research documents , reports at some stage within your degree, particularly final year dissertations. I believe printing credits should be available from each faculty taking into consideration the requirements of your modules. This is achievable and a much needed service which should be in place. 


Voting opens on the 15th – 22nd March. Vote online at www.kentunion.co.uk/elections.

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And remember …… VoteForMOORE #1 for President !!! 😀 x